Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my eleventh anniversary of arriving on the island. I've been here 11 years. Happy anniversary to me!


Blogger schmikey said...

Happy Anniversary! I have been reading for 1.5 of them, and I'm still jealous.

February 05, 2008 12:14 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Happy Anniv, MarkD!!

February 05, 2008 8:11 PM  
Blogger Oopsy Daisy said...

Happy Anniversary! Actually, I think I have been reading for 3 years. Hard to believe. Time funs when you're having flies ...or something like that.

February 06, 2008 8:41 AM  
Blogger ~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Happy Anniversary!

February 21, 2008 11:48 PM  

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