Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday has it bad

Mondays have it bad, Mondays have a bad reputation as being a day filled with apprehension and dread of the upcoming week. I'm feeling that way now, I just want this week behind me and next weekend to start. In the book, The Caine Mutiny, Caines father tells his son: "Wasted hours ruin a life, whether at the beginning or the end, but they're more noticeable at the end." That is very true. And it bugs me when I wish a week of my life away. But still, I sure am looking forward to the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it mmeans you are not enjoying what you are doing. When I love my job I don't hanker so much or the weekends... Nowadays, I LIVE for them though... And its not that I hate my job, I just don't love it.

February 20, 2012 7:31 AM  
Blogger TexWisGirl said...

OMG! :)

thanks for stopping by and lending support for the anti-word ver message! see your post below as well!

February 20, 2012 1:01 PM  
Blogger Happy Days said...

Sounds to me like you are unhappy about what your doing or perhaps NOT doing. I have those same feelings when I waste a day by doing nothing, and the wash is piling up and the floors swept. There is a lot to do - I just opt not to do anything and then feel depressed....debbie

February 20, 2012 1:04 PM  
Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

how can you be depressed in that beautiful country.?

February 21, 2012 2:44 AM  
Blogger Denis Verdecia said...

I have nothing positive to contribute here. I absolutely hate Mondays to the point that I think we should skip the damn day altogether.

February 22, 2012 8:18 PM  

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