Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wife Skitties

Here is a picture and video of the Wifes Kitties. We are trying to tame them so we can pet them and have them as outdoor cats. We can't pet them even though we've been feeding them for months.
There is also sometimes another small gray one and a small black one that weren't here this day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shooting Myself in the Foot?

Business has been slow. I started looking for a full time job. I have an interview today. Also, the above article has been written about my company and will be in the next Chamber of Commerce Magazine.
What if I get a job, and then business takes off at the same time?
If I get the job, I will give that job priority over the business. But I will keep the business going as a part time gig.
I hope I'm not giving up on myself too soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

If you watch only one video this week

Then let it be this one. Below is a time lapse video of the moon for one year. The video and article are from HERE. Above is a picture I took.


Birdsong and audio noise reduction.

Below is a video I took the other day of a bird singing. Listen to the background, you can hear all the West Bay roosters and faraway dogs.

Below is the audio extracted from the video. I reduced the background noise, so you can just hear the bird.
Birdsong,June 25 2011 by MarkD60
I have been trying to post this post since before 6AM. Blogger apparently cannot handle MOV video files. I had to change the format and reduce the video quality to that for a mobile device to get it to upload. I am feeling pretty crabby right now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Stroll Snapshots


Friday, June 24, 2011

Modern Day Dinosaurs

Here's a photo of live chitons I took yesterday on rocks in the waves. Click pic to enlarge. They are very common. I count five in this picture.Maybe there's a half of one in the bottom middle left edge of the pic. I'm not counting that.
Below is a picture of a chiton fossil from taken from the internet HERE. Chiton fossils have been found that are 10 million years old. And their descendants are still alive today, virtually unchanged. Read more here, if you're interested.
Here is sort of a naturally occurring bonsai tree. These plants barely eke out a living in the rock. Searing sun in hot rock, hardly any rain. I took this picture today as well, about 10 meters from the chitons. These are all over the place too.
No point to be made today (maybe), just sharing some photos I took yesterday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too Slow

This month, I have not had enough business to pay my bills next month.
This is the worst month yet since I started my business.
I have savings in the bank, and won't die from this. But I have a bad attitude about the whole thing. Fear, anger, sadness.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Show and Tell

A long time ago, I got no less than an obsession to obtain and possess a can of Spam. This obsession was so great, that after a period of futile resistance, I finally succumbed and purchased this very can. Like I said, it was long long ago. So long ago that I can't even remember how long. But if I had to guess, I'd say.... Ohhh.... I rekkon it was, Uuuuhhhh, Just guessing. Let me think......Off the top of my head.... Probably roughly about, ummmmm, April 19th, 1988.
The other day I thought of it, wondered if I still had it. I do, in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.
I can't very well throw it away, now can I? What if I DID get rid of it, then someday I have a hankering for a can of Spam again? I never had any desire to eat the stuff. I had some once, in Hawaii. I didn't think it was much good. I'm pretty sure this can would be OK to eat, as far as Spam goes, if someone did want to eat it. Besides, I might need it, if the "Big One" ever hits....

Anyway, I just figured, as long as we're reading each others blogs, trying to get to know about each other, that you needed to know about my can of Spam.
I've embedded a Monty Python video about Spam. On a historical note, this video is actually older than my can of Spam.

Actually I have thought about getting rid of my can of Spam. The only way I would get rid of it is if I found someone born on April 19, 1988. I'd give it to them.
I'm a little worried about this post, I worry that they men in the white suits might come and put me in one of those jackets with the really really long sleeves and toss me in one of those rooms with cushioning all over the floor and walls........


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with the Solstice
Today, at 12:16 local time (That's 5:16 UCT) Is the summer solstice. I wonder if "summer" is correctly part of the scientific phrase because in the southern hemisphere, it'd be winter.
It is the first day of summer, it is also the longest day. Since the days start getting shorter, Don't you think this should be the middle day of summer? Doesn't it make sense to have the longest day in the middle of summer?
Chris over at Diet Coke Rocks can be happy today, Although there it's the first day of winter, today marks the beginning of the journey to summertime, with each day getting longer.

I notice that the plants notice the change in the length of days much more than I do.

I feel kind of mushy and sentimental today, I guess it's probably my Wifes fault. When I met her I was tough as nails. Now I'm only tough as snails. She also softened up my killer attack dog, Ditto. He was a ferocious monster, now he's "cute" and "Adorable". Disgusting.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Action Needed

I finally got my materials list for the apartment back. Looks like the prospective builder was trying to over-charge me. Today I need to call him about starting the job. I have a great deal of worry about getting ripped off. I overpaid quite a bit when I had this house built in the first place.
There is an extension of the driveway going where the Toyota is sitting, and an apartment under the back porch.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Horror Story

A pilot at low level lost control of his aircraft. It narrowly misses a crowd gathered for the air show then slams into four buildings. One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those structures.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ANOTHER New Camera

I'm pretty sure, that if you searched this blog for "New Camera", you'd get several hits. I lost one, the airlines lost one, and one broke, twice. So now I have yet another new camera.
Nikon Coolpix s9100

I like it so far, I really do. I've had it less than 24 hours. The frikking camera is tiny, but has an 18x zoom.
The panorama feature rocks, you set it on panorama, then it tells you to turn the camera 180 (or 360) degrees and it takes a great shot. Click pic to enlarge.
I also like that it has a slow motion movie function. It can take 240 frames per second, and makes a cool slow motion movie out of it. I can't wait to try this out more.

It has a mode for taking pictures under very low light conditions, you press and hold the shutter, wait several seconds for the image to show up on the display, release the shutter, and it takes several seconds to process the image, but it works in almost total darkness. It is cool, have to try it more.
Here's some random pictures.
My poor poor Coconut Tree, more commonly called a Palm Tree
Elephant Ears
Our entertainment center, taken using one of the special effects.

I'll tell you what I don't like: The camera IS the charger, and the camera won't work when it's plugged in. The charger is the USB port on a computer.
In movie mode, you cannot zoom while recording a movie. My old camera let you zoom. Once you've had it, it's hard to get by without it. But I don't take that many movies anyway, and I think the slow motion mode will make up for it.
I hate the software, it installs a bunch of crap you don't want. It installs Nikon Free trial shortcuts in your start menu, it installs Quick Time, which I hate and have an alternate program for, and it installs an Arcsoft panorama program. I have never liked Arcsoft programs, once you put an Arcsoft product on your computer, you'll never get it off. I ran the CD and then spent half a day taking everything off. The Acrsoft still shows up on the Add/Remove programs menu, and the program has been uninstalled.
If you buy one of these cameras, don't even put that damn disc in your computer!
I don't want to sound negative though, I DO like the camera

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Old Friends

Yesterday I met an old friend for the first time. John, who has read my blog for a very long time got married to his new wife Diane here yesterday. With a few family members (and us) they had a perfect ceremony on the beach.
The Bride and Groom and Best Men and Maids of Honour and the Pastor.

John and Diane during the ceremony

Signing zee papers

Beautiful sunset

The oddest thing for me was, I was certain John and I had met before, although I couldn't remember when or where. But I reluctantly came to realize yesterday was the first time. John and Dianes family came from New Mexico, Montana, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Everyone said how much they liked Cayman, and I feel sure they will be back.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Facebook is good for finding old friends, and Blogger is good for making new ones.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Facts.

I've been sitting here 20 minutes trying to think of something to post.

I like it when you wake up, and the first thing you do is take a big drink of cold cold water from the fridge, you can feel it all the way down.

I gave Sheba a flea bath yesterday, but not Ditto. Sheba was itching furiously. Ditto was wondering where his bath was. Normally he hides, but after I didn't come looking for him, he came looking for me with a sorry "Where's my bath?" look. Maybe I'll get him today.

I re-wrote my resume. I like the way it came out.

I gave my resume to an employment agency.

My company has a write up in the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Magazine.

Business will pick up at the same time I get a regular job.

Maybe now it won't since I said that.

But since I said THAT, it will.

I wonder how often I jinx myself.

Last night we saw the moon rise out of the water, it was cool.

I mowed the front, the back still needs it. Soon the front will need mowing again too.

Today I have to go get my plans and building materials list, pick up my scuba tanks at hydro, and fix a laptop.

I want to go to the beach and snorkeling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bogus World Record Sea Swim

This woman swam from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman, about 80 miles.
On the way, "the crew" killed all the sharks they saw. read the article HERE. First the newspaper told us about the killed sharks, then they changed the article and said no sharks were killed, and all the media was telling the lie. Now they switched it back to the truth. It's quite the big thing around here these days.

If the sharks were an obstacle, and the obstacle was removed by someone not swimming, does the record stand? It shouldn't. If someone didn't kill the sharks, she would have gotten in a boat. How is it different than climbing a mountain ...and saying "look! There's a cliff. There is a danger I might fall!" So you take a helicopter up the cliff part. And then you get credit for climbing the mountain.

What if someone comes and says, " I want to break her record by doing it faster, and since you killed the sharks for her, you must kill the sharks for me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Post

I have an appointment early this morning, so I don't have much time to post. Here's some pics from yesterday:
Sunset from the roof last night
A bunny cloud

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twenty Years Ago Today

Today is Bruce day. On June 13, 1991 I saw my brother alive for the last time. He came down to visit me when I lived in Virginia and we went to VA Beach. We had some hamburgers on the boardwalk. Later in the early afternoon, he went back up to Maryland, then on to Connecticut, where he lived. Less than a month later, he and his girlfriend, Karen Vinnik, would be tragically murdered in Tuscon Arizona.
I think my memory is failing, because I can't remember him arriving in Virginia, I can't remember if he stayed at my apartment. I wrote soon after his funeral that I never wanted this memory to fade, that last day together, the funeral, and all the feelings. I never wanted them to fade, I wanted time to stop, and hope that it would go backwards. Now there's bits of memory missing...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Photos

Although summer doesn't officially begin for about 9 more days, here's a couple of summertime pictures from our yard.
Our flooded yard. We had the first rain we had since our new neighbors added about 6 inches of fill to their lot, this first rain sent a lot of their gray lifeless dirt and filthy water into our yard.
These trees from across the street turn orange every summer. The seasons in the tropics are just as discernible as anywhere else, you just have to know what to look for!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stay COOL!

A Friday picture for you, and an easy post for me! I stole this pic from Lee Ann, who I went to grade school and high school with. This dude is staying cool, as I hope you all will too!
and . . .


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Woman Sues to Masturbate at Work & Wins!

Since she knew the only way to cure her anxiety was to masturbate, she knew she needed help, explaining: "I got so bad I would to masturbate up to forty seven-times a day. That's when I asked for help.

It's really a serious medical problem called "compulsion orgasmic." Click the purple text above to read the article.

That being said, watch this funny video called "Girls Watch Porn!"


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

a blob of a blog?????

If you post on your blog, and nobody comments, does the post still exist?

A few days ago, my Wife posted a post that got me thinking about comments.
I ask myself, "Why do I want comments?" "What makes this blog so great that it deserves comments?" "What is this blog about anyway?" It doesn't have any theme or any form, its a blob of a blog.

I know this is a piece of crap blog, it isn't funny, it isn't informative, it's just a daily dose of some random crud.

Over the years, people have said to me, more than once, "I don't write my blog to get comments." Well, that's true. I don't. But if there were no comments, what would be the difference between me posting this here or writing it in a notebook and hiding it under the mattress? I think therein lies the answer.

Plus, everyone who has said that they don't care about comments seems to have more than 10 comments on every post they post....

A lot of comments wouldn't make any difference in my life, or on my ability to post, or the contents of my posts. I still crave comments and wonder why... And I wonder why some blogs that seem similar to mine get many times more comments than mine.

I've read all the articles, and all the "Tips to increase Blog Traffic" but none of seems to apply to me. I don't want to increase sales or generate revenue, I just want to know somebody read this and what they think about it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sweet Justice: Couple Forcloses on Bank of America

A couple purchased a home using cash. Later Bank of America tried to foreclose. They lose. But the couple wants their legal fees reimbursed. Bank of America ignores the courts order to pay. So their attorney pulls up to the bank in a moving van with two deputies with authorization to take the money from the drawers, computers, furniture and anything else of value to compensate his clients. See the video below, and read the article HERE.
If I was the client, I'd have been there for sure and really rub it in the bank managers face. I've had problems with Bank of America before. Years ago, they said I owed them one mortgage payment that I knew I paid. Round and round, Rubber stamp signature on certified letters. In the end, it turned out that Bank of America GAVE one payment to the company I signed the mortgage with, who sold the mortgage to BofA.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Just what you need, a Monday Jokester

I got this from a link on Neat-o-rama

Also I'm kind of pissed off because there was a bake sale yesterday, and for no apparent reason, they wouldn't let me sell the cookies I baked.
I got the cookie pic from Charlie Brown

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dieffenbachia Flower

We have a plant, I think it's a Dieffenbachia, that got a flower. I didn't know they got flowers.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Here, it is a cloudy Saturday. I have been complaining of no rain, but I guess I can stop now. We've had some and I'm sure we're going to get some more. Now it's time for me to start bitching about mowing the lawn.
I was having some weird dreams last night. As you recall, a ship was sunk here as an artificial reef, the ex-USS Kittiwake. I keep having dreams about being in the Navy on board the Kittiwake. Only she's where she is now, on the bottom of the sea. The thing is, I can pump the ship dry on the inside, even though it's underwater. When scuba divers come, I can flood it again.
It is not unusual for me to have dreams about dry places underwater. I have had a dream about a swimming pool with a door in the side at the bottom that I can open and go inside and it's dry in there. The water doesn't pour in, the boundary between the water and the air in the room is vertical instead of horizontal. It is a really cool repeat dream.

Well, this post didn't turn out like I expected, I planned about writing about my poor, beat-up underwater camera housing. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a good Sabado!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Don't Worry

Don't Worry- The Wailers from their recent concert here. Recorded my me.

Today is Friday, I am glad. I am diving today and hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tired of my own BS

I almost posted a post yesterday, I typed it all up. Can't remember what it was now. I did everything except hit the 'publish' button. I remember thinking "this is stupid" and navigating away from the page, post lost to the internet oblivion. Most days I disgust myself, at least for a few seconds. Part of me is this smartass little kid that I can't stand. I remember when I was actually a little kid, being aware that part of me is this smartass little kid that I didn't like and had difficulty controlling. Everyday this smartass little kid irritates my wife and I. Only she doesn't know about the smartass little kid, she thinks it's me.
In 1973, when I got drunk for the first time, and shortly thereafter, when I started taking drugs, the smartass little kid disappeared. I felt normal when I was drinking and taking drugs, even when I wasn't high. Now, I quit drinking and drugs over 20 years ago, and the smartass is back. I'm pretty sure its a mental defect. I'm probably what you call a functioning lunatic.

Last night I was dreaming I was weaving chocolate and gold. I was trying to make the gold go in a perfect spiral in the chocolate but mine weren't turning out as well as the store bought ones. I was thinking to myself, "I really don't need money since I have all this gold" In my dream I was also converting ounces to grams and vice versa.

Also last night we finally had rain, probably a half hour of good hard rain. I think it was just what we needed here.